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About Donn Media

Donn Kabiraj is also the President and Chairman of the multi-platform media house, the Donn Media. Primarily focused on leadership success and socioeconomic growth, Donn Media helps successful people and thought-leaders from various fields to leave a legacy by authoring and publishing books, whitepapers, creating short films etc.

Author of innumerable papers and articles on diverse subjects ranging from "Women's Liberation" to "Cybernetics," Donn Kabiraj in 2012 became a bestselling author by joining noted business development expert Brian Tracy to write "The Secret To Winning Big".

"By helping amplify the quality of my clients’ success," he adds, "I can contribute hugely to the socio-economic development of the whole world. When it comes to our deliverables for Leadership Branding and all other services & solutions that we provide, our mantra remains, 'Only the best is good enough.'"

-Donn Kabiraj

Our Books

At Donn Media we help leaders pen down their thoughts, aims, ambitions, visions and motives in the form of best-selling books to carry on their legacy forward. View some of the latest launches by Donn Media which are making a mark in the book publishing and authorising sector.

Farm And Grow Rich

Author: Donn S.Kabiraj

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Author: Donn S.Kabiraj

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Art of Balance

Author: Donn S.Kabiraj

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