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About the Company

Critical strategies under the guidance of veteran business strategist Mr. Donn Kabiraj


In a World full of players...
Be the game changer!

Business is not about just handling your own organization but also meeting the impact of external market forces. In today’s global landscape, the rules have changed, it’s not enough to just be a game player but it is critical to be a game changer. You need to think, plan and act differently.

Established in 2001 and presently with a global network Donn Corporation helps you to evolve critical strategies for your brand under the guidance of veteran business strategist Mr. Donn Kabiraj.


Our Key Objectives:

  • 1To build you as a leader in your business through Leadership Branding
  • 2To assist you in forming Strategic Alliance
  • 3Acquiring Joint Venture partners for you
  • 4Appointing suitable Franchisees
  • 5Launching your Franchisee Operations
  • 6Planning and execution of your Distribution Networks
  • 7Develop key marketing concepts
  • 8Help your Company to compete in the increasingly competitive global economy.
Reach us to get innovative solutions that will help you stay miles ahead of the competition. Enjoy high profits!

Donn Corporation is assisting many companies in the Europe & America to adopt the franchisee route and spread their wings in other flourishing economies outside their own countries to beat the recession in a big way!

Our brilliant team of strategists and experts design custom solutions to meet the needs of customers from diverse verticals. We have worked with many companies in different verticals including some world famous Beverage & FMCG brands and have successfully launched new products apart from delivering solutions to turn existing businesses around.

Our scientific approach and industry expertise have helped us achieve high rates of success.

Our Publishing Unit under Donn Media helps you to attain Business Leadership through:

- New Age Media & Content Solutions
- End-to-End Book Publication

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