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Founder & CEO

Donn KabirajFOUNDER & CEO

Donn Corporation is the brain child of veteran business strategist Donn Kabiraj, based out of India, Dubai and Canada, holding an experience of over 25 years in the field of business strategy, marketing and brand development. Donn Kabiraj has done his specialization in management from Indian Institute of Management (IIM-Calcutta).

A true embodiment of the oft-overused term “Game Changer,” Donn Kabiraj has devoted his multi-faceted professional life to helping entrepreneurs and their companies develop key marketing concepts to help them compete in the increasingly competitive global economy.

Even before launching his multi-national branding company Donn Corporation in 2001, the multi-faceted business strategy expert was making his mark on the increasingly connected global economy with high level ventures in the bulk water market.

Since its inception, Donn Corporation – which is active in India, Dubai and Canada – has assisted businesses from all over the world (including Middle-East, Europe, New Zealand, Africa and North America) in forming –

  • - Strategic alliances
  • - Acquiring joint ventures partners
  • - Appointing suitable franchisees
  • - Launching franchise operations and distribution networks.

Donn Kabiraj is the hand behind inventing the DNA-Compass™, a proprietary management tool that evolved after several years of management research.

A secure direction finder that defines the natural agility of any company, it helps in guiding his clients to play on their strength – whether it is to increase their turnover or to turn around their company.

Creating custom solutions to meet the needs of clients from diverse verticals, Donn and his team of expert strategists have launched new products and helped turn existing businesses around while working with several world renowned brands.

The Expert in Leadership Branding

Keenly targeted on contributing to the larger socio-economic development of the whole world, and on a smaller scale, to the development of talented, ambitious individuals and their remarkable entrepreneurial endeavours, Donn since 2011 has focused Donn Corporation’s endeavours on the area of Leadership Branding.

In addition to working with owners and Chief Executive Officers (CXOs) of small, medium and large businesses, he collaborates with politicians, doctors, musicians, authors, performing artists, architects, builders, yoga gurus and even princess of certain countries!

President & Chairman – Donn Media

Donn Kabiraj is also the President & Chairman of the multi-platform media house, Donn Media.

With its primary focus on leadership success and socio-economic growth, Donn Media helps successful people and thought-leaders from various fields to leave a legacy by authoring and publishing books, whitepapers, creating short films etc.

Donn Kabiraj - The Author

Donn Kabiraj is the author of innumerable papers and articles on diverse subjects ranging from "Women's Liberation" to "Cybernetics,"

In 2012 he became a bestselling author by joining noted business development expert Brian Tracy to write “The Secret to Winning Big”.


  • Received recognition from the Chairman & CEO of PepsiCo (India) for his critical contributions as a pioneer towards the world debut of "Aquafina" (bulk-water).
  • A pioneer in establishing the Bubble-top concept in his native India through the brand “Hello” in 1995, when the bulk water segment hardly existed there.
  • Recipient of the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award from UWA which was conferred on him by Dr. Rakesh Mohan who was the Executive Director at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Washington, D.C., USA and Professor of International Economics & Global Affairs in the Yale School of Management (USA).
  • Donn Corporation won the most esteemed Udyogshree Award from the Council for Industrial & Trade Development, India, for achieving “Excellence in Business Management & Strategy Planning”.

CEO Speaks:

"Leadership Branding is all about positioning an individual on a leadership platform, and help them achieve their long term goals,"

"A company may have a certain established brand as an organization, but when people get to know its leader’s mission and personal story as to why he’s so passionate about his business, they can personally connect with him on an emotional level apart from normal business transactions and money. It’s not simply about what his company is contributing to its industry, or to the socioeconomic landscape of the world, but about what sets him apart individually."

“By helping amplify the quality of my clients’ success, I can contribute hugely to the socio-economic development of the whole world. When it comes to our deliverables for Leadership Branding and all other services & solutions that we provide, our mantra remains, 'Only the best is good enough.'"

-Donn Kabiraj

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